Ford to Kill Seven-Seat Flex Crossover at the End of November

Categories: Ford, GM

According to a report by, the Ford Flex is set to hit the chopping block after what’s been in a rough couple of months. With the United Auto Worker’s strike still on-going, salt has been thrown in the wounds as Ford announced it will stop making the Ford Flex crossover and lay off 450 workers at its Oakville, Ontario plant. Production is slated to end in late November and layoffs are expected early next year.

Marketed to the consumers as family minivan, it resembled more a tall wagon than a true crossover. It also didn’t help that over a year ago, Ford announced it would stop making all cars except the Mustang and instead keep manufacturing SUV’s and pickups. It keeps being a disappointing year for the automaker and General Motors. Stay tuned to WLTS for more news and updates

Photos courtesy of: CarandDriver, Ford, USNews