Maserati Unveils Plans Involving Electrification, New SUV

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Before we get into it, we just want to say we are back. We were away for a little bit because we were stuck in FaceBook and Instagram purgatory (someone flagged our account and the social media companies banned us for a month. Still don’t know why). Glad to be back.

Every time I see a Maserati on the street, I’m in awe of the design and the engine noise, but I feel like I’ve been seeing the same car over and over again for years. Of course, there are slight alterations over time. For the most part, however, Maserati has stuck to their tried-and-true formula. The company is in desperate need of a renaissance, with declining sales slowly chipping away at the company, which was founded in Bologna, Italy all the way back in 1914.

Good news for fans of the company though, as they recently announced their plans coming in the pipeline for the next three years. First things first, the Maserati Alfieri, the beautiful two-seater concept sports car they announced all the way back in 2014 at the Geneva Auto Show, will hit the streets soon. Customers will have the ability to purchase the car in both coupe and roadster forms and will also give you the option of an electric powertrain using with three-motor all-wheel drive and an 800-volt battery system, according to Car and Driver.

Another piece of news coming out of the company is that they will be building another SUV as a successor to the Levante. Production will be at the Cassino plant south of Rome and will start production in 2021. The SUV will also be available with a traditional engine and part electric.

There will be more news coming down the pipeline. While fans are upset that the cars won’t be coming out immediately, it‘s a good consolation price knowing that there is something cooking and it’s not too far off down the road. Keep heading to WLTS Auto Sports for more news and products to tune your favorite car.

Photos courtesy of: Motor1, CarandDriver, Drive.AU, Motor Trend