Chevrolet Camaro to Cease Production in 2023?

Categories: American Muscle, Chevrolet, GM

The Camaro has been in the collective conscious of many since it was first revealed that that was the name for its competitor the Ford Mustang; it was code-named Panther preciously. That was back in June 28, 1966. Coincidently, almost 53 years to the date, some sources revealed that General Motors was once again thinking about cancelling the Camaro. Back in 2002, production was cut because of declining sales from 1999-2000, but was brought back seven years later in 2009.

Once again, history is repeating itself. With a declining economy and a recession looming, people are too keen on spending $40,000 for a mid-level car with an outdated design and unnecessary and unworthy specifications. Consumers in blogs have noted that they want the car to return to its “pony” status return to the production quality and price point of the Camaro back in 2010.

While there is no confirmation that the Camaro will cease production, it take a couple years to design a car and put it into testing phase. With 2023 a couple years away, it can be a possibly. What are your thoughts? What do you want out the Camaro? Stay tuned to WLTS for more news and info.

Photos courtesy of: Motor1, Chevrolet, CarandDriver